Hi, I'm Imogen Chifley

Work done

Maths tutoring - Work done

My lessons are arranged around a matter that the student thinks about. From there, the fundamentals and key rules are revisited in a lecture style. Interaction is key and I frequently do this by asking questions connecting to the concepts available during the lesson. Usually by the end all is restored and some example test questions are asked.

To achieve an excellent outcome, regurgitating responses or mark plans is insufficient. I usually encourage my students by pushing beyond the specification. I normally motivate more analysis as well as advise it strongly. I typically spend twenty mins after the hour of the session talking about questions that the students have, despite how outside of the program it is.

I recognise exactly how daunting maths can seem yet I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to hand down my enthusiasm for the subject to my students. During the free interview I will certainly chat with the student to better recognise their toughness and also weak points, and get a clue of just how they grasp best. Hereafter I will be able to produce custom lessons, especially focusing on the areas they have a hard time with. The sessions will certainly set around overcoming enquiries together and also addressing them utilising methods that can be related to identical examination format concerns. Should the student or parent want, I will also establish homeworks to guarantee that there is a strong grasping of the topic.